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The Martina Restaurant’s cuisine is a perfect delight!

Have you already experienced the Martina Restaurant’s versatile range of delicious food and drink? Martina is the shortcut to a more comfortable, trouble-free day. No dishes to wash, no slaving over a hot oven – just more time to spend with family and friends! You'll be tempted to just relax and spend a longer evening enjoying our pleasant milieu.

Martina is chock-full of terrific taste sensations and appetizing aromas. You can enjoy crispy-crust pizzas, fresh pesto and lasagne that’s cooked and readied in our own kitchen. And you’ll surely find a fine wine from our list that crowns your meal as a whole. 

Our younger guests are delighted by our children’s play area, not to mention the tiny kitchen in many of our Martina establishments – a place where future master chefs can try preparing real delicacies, all in fun of course! At Martina, it’s easy to eat well. You’re welcome to enjoy a slice of Italy!


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